What Clients Say

Hi Ms. Goldberg,

Carol Jean tells me she may be working more with teens through you. Well I certainly hope so! Even though my son is actually a pre-teen, 13, Carol handled him so well. He has heavy metals autism and we are doing a lot of natural supplements, diet, and chelators. Our doctor has really pushed us to work with Carol Jean and I’m so glad we did. Regardless of age and size, she can calm them with her cranial sacral touch while doing the AIT. That was very valuable because my Alex can be very contrary, he does not want to be bossed by his Mom, and he just pushes back to push back, you know how that is? Testosterone poisoning I call it! Plus he has sensory issues, auditory issues, and is frustrated by his own delays. But Carol is like the Pied Piper of AIT, she just reels them in and has them enjoying the process before they even know what’s hit them. The other part is that she is very good at it. We have enjoyed such a burst of language and singing and affection and playing at playing the piano, the likes of which we have never seen with him. He is sleeping better, eating better, listening better, helping out more, and just all around more with it. His reading has improved and he has much more interest in books than before. We are looking forward to our next round of AIT, we think it is a life changing therapy for any troubled child, be it medical, mental, physical, whatever. Something about AIT just works on what is ailing a young adult. I wish they would do it each year for every age child, like a tune-up, as a routine kind of thing to keep them moving along and sharp. I know we will be getting it even when Alex catches up the rest of the way to make sure he stays caught up. Hope this is helpful!

Mary Ludwig

Still wondering if it really works? Here's some comments from parents whose children have gone through AIT:

" S. shows noticeable improvement in his mood and attention since his AIt therapy" -Corriene D. ,mass

" S. shows noticeable improvement in his mood and attention since his AIt therapy" -Corriene D. ,mass

" Steph has been able to stop herself and calm down... This is a major improvement since your therapy" -Carol W. ,Vermont

"J. is much better at attending to task his language skills have improved. AIT certainly made a big difference for him!" -Jackie D. , Vermont

"G's speech and social interaction are expanding by leaps and bounds! HE is becoming more independent every day since AIT!" -Mary A,. Mass

"It's a miracle!" -Grandmother, Vermont

"Hello Carol Jean! I just wanted to thank you again for your help, guidance and assistance during our recent AIT session. The changes in gabriel have been terrific. Through the effects of AIT we have seen many changes for Gabriel! He stopped wearing his diaper after session 1. Gabrile learned to ride a bike soon after the first session. His sensory issues were decreased after both sessions. His short term memory loss is no longer an issue. After session 2, he did his bowel movements on the toliet for the first time ever. He continues to progress with his speech and interactions. He told me his first knock knock joke during sessions 2. I am sure that we will do another session in the future but i can't praise the benefits of AIT enough! Thank You!" -Marry

"I am writing to you to tell you that a a few years ago my son Spencer and I saw the benefits of AIT. We decided to try out Carol Jean's AIT treatment as a result of the pressure we were experiencing from the school that Spencer's enrolled in; they suggested he was suffering from ADD and wanted us to consider drugs . I refused drugs in childbirth because it is essentially " against my religion"so I have been very resistant to giving Spencer drugs of any kind ( other than herbal supplements etc.). It was a great relief to us to have an option such as this treatment that Carol Jean offers with AIT. Not only did we see vast improvement in Spencer's ability to focus and get tasks done, but he actually enjoyed the whole process and seemed to display better self-esteem as a result of the work. Carol Jean was apleasure to work with and was very professional and personable. We both look forward to seeing her here on the vineyard soon, as any questions. I would not hesitate to recommend Carol Jean and her AIT treatment to an one who cares to improve their concentration and quality of life" - Corinne

" I just wanted to praise the AIT program... It has helped my daughter Maleia tremendously. She is 11 years old and in the 5th grade and this is the first year that she has been able to stay in the classroom longer than 15 minutes... This is all due to AIT that she received. she has even told us to she is not hearing EVERYTHING,, that is much quieter and if it is quieter she is able to focus more and learn more. I have noticed at home that she doesn't have to blast her music anymore and that she seem to become calm after listening to reggae music which is what she listened to during this process of AIT I do hope AIT gets continued support for this wonderful program that has helped so many kids including my daughter!!!" -Keri

Now someone who has actually gone through AIT

"I've been able to listen better and my engine isn't Running so fast!"